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Part 1 Soul Horizon:
Andy Edit & Soulful French Touch & Michelle Rivera - Diggin On You - Original Mix forthcoming (Edit Records)
Sek - Lake People At The City (Peppermint Jam)
Soulista Feat Tai Malone - Complex Emotions - Original Mix (Slapped Up Soul Records)
Mekkah - Dimensions - Richard Earnshaw Revibe (Soul Love)
Suff Sakoor Feat Anne-Marie Johnson - Need The Funk - The SS Old Skool Ivory Mix (Pretty Chief Records)
Big Tune:
Stewart, Andy Edit & Dana Weaver - It's Up To Me - Original Mix forthcoming (Wiggly Worm Records)
Distant People & Kholi - Greater - Vocal Mix (Tony Records)
Spencer Morales Feat Tasha LaRae - I Need Your Lovin - DJ Spen & Gary Hudgins Extended Mix (Quantize)
EmKaybe Feat Ann Nesby - Jam - Reelsoul & DJ Spen Up All Nite Mix (Quantize)
From The Vault: 1989
Jomanda - Don't You Want My Love - Street Style Mix (Big Beat)

Part 2 After Dark Mix Sessions:
JFunc - Already Seen - Deco Dhp Remix (Wiggly Worm Records)
Floyd Lavine - Humanity - Original Mix (Moon Harbour Recordings)
Moti Brothers - Chord Jungle - Salski Remix (Haute Musique)
Big Tune:
Craig Stewart - Bow Shock - Franky Carbon-e Remix forthcoming (Wiggly Worm Records)
Pan/Tone - Booya (Dantze)
JFunc - Eclipse - Tribalism Boys Remix forthcoming (Wiggly Worm Records)
Stefan Braatz - Chord In The Act - Original Mix (Nite Grooves)
Vanco Feat Njabulo Seh Lutho - John Tejada Remix (Afrocentric Music)
Morsy & Krames Feat Berenice Van Leer - Need To Know - Original Mix (Nite Grooves)
From The Vault 1988:
SLF - Show Me What You Got - Acid Mix Part 1 (Warriors Dance) 1988


Eartone feat. Eider - My Feelings - Raw Reprise (Be Adult Music)
DSIDED - Velvet Sky - Jarred Gallo Remix (RaMBunktious 'Miami')
Big Tune:
Big Jano Green - Love Town - Rob Hardt Xtended Mix (Sedsoul)
Mousse T - The Jam Files Vol 3 - Sy Sez Feat Phoenix Pearle - Falling Vocal Mix (Peppermint Jam)
Saison - Everybody (Large)
Montana, Stewart, Nortier & Dana Weaver - Never Thought - Andy Edit Dub (Wiggly Worm Records)
Husky Feat Nat Conway - Can't Shake It Off - Mark Di Meo Soul Dub (Bobbin Head Music)
Namy Feat Tracy Hamlin - Love Yourself - Main Mix (Spirit Soul)
Deep Xcape Feat Mpho – Tonight - (Vibe Boutique Vocal Mix (Vibe Boutique)
From The Vault (1999):
Yolanda Adams - Yeah - Maurice Joshua Mix (Elektra)


Part 1: Soul Horizon
Montana, Stewart & Stephanie Cooke - Last Dance - Vincent Kwok Dub (Wiggly Worm Records)
Laura Jackson - Dont Walk Away - Rob Hardt Soulful Mix (Sedsoul)
Allovers Feat Secret Atelier - Prove Me Wrong - Original Mix (King Street)
Birdee - Ain't Enough - Original Mix (Re-Loved)
Big Tune:
Montana, Stewart, Nortier & Stephanie Cooke - The World To Me (You Are) - Phaze Dee Dub Mix (Wiggly Worm Records)
Kevin Hedge - My Beat - Spaced Out Beat - David Harness Remix (Blaze)
Danny Tape - I Wanna Move You - Original Mix (Be Adult Music)
DJ Spen, Earl Tutu & John Khan Feat Asia Yarwood - Lies - DJ Spen & Reelsoul Remix (Quantize)
Prefix One Feat Rose Windross - We Live - Original Mix (Digital Soul)
From The Vault (1991):
Area 10 Feat MK - Get It Right - R. Flack Ooh Mix (Masahiro Records)

Part 2: After Dark Mix Sessions
Patlac - Blinded LP - Run (Connaisseur Recordings)
Sebastian Davidson - Adults Only - Original Mix (Be Adult Music)
Portofino Sunrise - Jealousy - Angelo Draetta ReEdit (Soul Deeparture)
Big Tune:
JFunk - Already Seen - Liam Connolly Remix (Wiggly Worm Records) - forthcoming
Chopstick & Johnjon - Catalisa - Original Mix (Suol)
Chopstick & Johnjon - What Is House Music - Original Mix (Suol)
Vicky MDLR - Crossroads - Original Mix (Wiggly Worm Records)
Vicky MDLR - Deeproblema - Original Mix (Wiggly Worm Records)
Space Puma - Five Things - Original Mix (King Street)
Matthias Vogt - Voyeur - Tanzlife & Id Ensemble Remix (Blossom Kollectiv)
From The Vault (1989):
Deskee - Let There Be House - ABCD II Mix (Black Out)


Part 1: Soul Horizon
Reelsoul Feat Damon - Its True - Original Mix (Reelsoul Mizik)
DJ Hypnosis, Decency - In Times Like This - Distant People Remix (Ossom Records)
Yass Feat Inaya Day - Bring It Up - DJ Spen & Gary Hudgins Remix (King Street)
Tokita - Jazzcid (Uniting Souls Music)
Big Tune:
Sue Avenue Feat Marta Del Grandi - Brett Johnson Filter Freak Dub (Lany)
Stan Kolev - Empower - Original Mix (Sonic Soul)
Freight Train Feat Elle Jay - Do To Me - 24HR Mix (King Street)
Bizio Cool Feat Noelle - Cant Get Enough - MinoCafe Soul Mix (Vibe Boutique)
Levi 5Star, Supermini, Master DP - Deep Love - Full Vocal Mix (Enormous Chills)
From The Vault (1991):
Keith Nunnally - Seasons Of Love - House Remix (Giant Records)

Part 2: After Dark Mix Sessions
Uone & Western - Some Kinda Voodoo Feat Philsophia (Katermuuke)
JFunc - Already Seen - Liam Connolly Remix (Wiggly Worm Records)
Hain Von Berg - Dream Like A Poet - Der Thal Mix (Thal)
Till Von Sein - Ambush 77 - Original Mix (Tilly Jam)
Doc Daneeka Feat Robert Owens - Luv Unltd (Ten Thousand Yen)
Daniel Testas - Burning Inside - Original Mix (Ready Mix Records)
Big Tune:
Danced Til Midnight - She Can’t Love You - Kenny Summits Space Terrace Mix (Thylacine Sounds)
Vicky MDLR - Deeproblema - Original Mix (Wiggly Worm Records)
Vicky MDLR - Crossroads - Original Mix (Wiggly Worm Records)
From The Vault (1985):
Maze Feat Frankie Beverley - Twilight (Capitol Records)


Soul Horizon Part 1:
DJ Friction Presents Ground Control ‘Boogie Some More’ Feat David Whitley - All Night Long - Original Mix (Sedsoul)
Germanys DJ Friction 5 tracker album
Dax On Sax & Lisa Shaw - Other Side - Album Version (Discopolis)
Dax On Sax & Mike City - Natually High - Album Version(Discopolis)
Artist Album ‘My Vision’ on UKs Discopolis
Valery Dmitriev - August Twilight - Original Mix (Haute Musique)
Out of Russia
Out Now:
Montana, Stewart, Nortier & Kiki Kyte - Breathe - FabioLous Barker Disco Anthem (Wiggly Worm Records)
Big Tune:
Cardi B - Bodak Yellow (Money Moves) - Mr. V Re-Work
Distant People Feat Nontu Xulu - Move - Original Vocal Mix (Tony Records)
South Africa
Mark Francis Presents Gretchen Gale - The Soul Of A Woman - Louis Benedetti Remix (Quantize)
Right hand to the legendary Timmy Regisford at Club Shelter New York back in the day, and the brilliant Gretchan Gale, Brooklyn New York
Leroy Burgess & Kenny Carpenter - More Love - DJ Spen & Gary Hudgins Remix (KC Recordings)
Rishi K - Turtle Bay - Marco Grandi Remix (Sonic Soul Records)
From The Vault (1991):
Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam - Let The Beat Hit Em - C&C Music Factory RC Mix (Columbia)

After Dark Mix Sessions Part 2:
DP-6 - Lighthouse - Vasily Umanets Remix (DP-6)
Peter Pardeike - Love Supreme - Love Over Entropy Remix (Connaisseur Recordings)
Rishi K - Kung Fu Disco - Moe Turk Remix (Sonic Soul Records)
Big Tunes:
Steve Mc Cready - Acid Music - 303 Mix (Hungarian Hot Music)
Steve Mc Cready - Acid Music - 909 Deep Mix (Hungarian Hot Music)
Rishi K - Turtle Bay - Marco Grandi Remix (Rishi K Music)
Spiritchaser - Sueno Latino - Club Edit (Guess Records)
Matador - Ramaha - Original Mix (Rukus)
From The Vault (1991):
DJs Rule - Work That Sucker - Sucker Dub (Groove Kissing)


Soul Horizon Part 1:
Girls Of The Internet - When U Go - MoBlack Remix (Classic Music Company)
Juan Hoerni - Sing & Dance - Jovonn House Remix (Cha Cha)
Inland Knights - Walk On (Drop Music)
Big Tune:
Cool Million Feat Gregers - Thats My Lady - Boogie 12 (Sedsoul)
Dutchican Soul Feat Andrea Love - We Can Change The World - Hot Toddy Come Together Dub (Peppermint Jam)
Forthcoming on Wiggly Worm Records:
Montana, Stewart, Nortier & Kiki Kyte - Breathe - FabioLous Barker Disco Anthem (Wiggly Worm Records) ‘Not Mastered’
Rene & Angela - I'll Be Good - DJ TeckLogix House Edit
Terron Darby Feat Monday Michiru - Moments - Main Vocal Mix (King Street)
Federico dAlessio Feat Karla Brown - Love Affair - Masaki Morii Remix (King Street)
Jameisha Trice - So Tight - Stanny Abram Remix (S&S Records)
From The Vault (1999):
Extortion Feat Dihan Brookes - How Do You See Me Now - Club 12 Remix (ZRecords)

After Dark Mix Sessions Part2:
Troyder - Discordant Thoughts - Below Bangkok & Spring Reason Remix (Deepstiched)
Inland Knights - Walk On (Drop Music)
Craig Stewart - Super Bubble (Brown Eyed Boys)
Tom Misch - South Of The River - Detroit Swindle Remix (Greco Roman)
Big Tune:
Kiwi - Rabbit Hole Feat Cactus Sauna - Original Mix (Moda Black)
Salski - Go Get It - Indio Remix (Ready Mix)
Tribalism Boys - No Panic - Original Mix (Tribalism)
Craig Stewart - Bow Shock - Original Mix (Wiggly Worm Records)
From The Vault:
Kraftwork - Tour de France (Warner Bros) 1983


Part 1: Soul Horizon:
Montana & Stewart Feat Stephaine Cooke - Think Im Falling - Original Live Intro Mix (Universe Media)
Karl Hector & Nicolas Tounga - Ngunga Yeti Fofa - The Joaquin Joe Claussell's Electric Afrika Version (Toy Tonics)
Patrice Scott - Soulfood - Original Mix (Sistrum Recordings)
The Revenge - Grit - Roar Groove Meets Dirt Crew Vol. 2 (Dirt Crew)
Golf Clap & Sebb Junior - You Can't Hide (Eton Messy Records)
Distant People & Marie Tweek - No Divide - Original Mix (Vibe Boutique)
The Big Tune:
Darryl D'Bonneau - Strong Love - Jonny Montana Remix (New Generation Records)
Susu Bobien - Help Is On It's Way - DJ Spen, Earl Tutu & John Khan Inspiration Information Mix (Quantize)
Jonny Montana & Dawn Williams - Smile - Classic House Pass (Camio Recordings)
From The Vault (1986):
Steve 'Silk' Hurley - Jack Your Body - Club Your Body Mix (London Records)

Part 2: After Dark Mix Sessions:
Spin Science - Forgotten - Original Mix (Oh Records)
Jelly For The Babies - Pepleuria - Forteba Remix (Deep Stitched)
Franky Carbon-e - Hypotenuse (EDM Underground)
Lagardere - Drivin' Hard - Original Mix (Vanina Hanin)
Solomun & Stimming - Eiszauber - Motorcitysoul Remix (Stir15)
The Big Tune:
Babis Kotsanis - Calling My Name (EDM Underground)
Darlyn Vlys & Kid Bucle - Lights Out (Sincopat 53)
Out Soon 24th August 2017:
Craig Stewart - Bow Shock (Wiggly Worm Records)
From The Vault:
Lee Marrow - Pain - Dangerous Mix (Champion) 1990